Peak Woman

Peak Woman: Casey Means, MD

The Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the metabolic health company Levels, Casey Means, MD, wants to empower us with the technology to improve our health.

Peak Woman: Nina Lorez Collins

The founder of The Woolfer, Nina Lorez Collins has built an impactful social platform and website for like-minded women over forty.

Peak Woman: Laura Lee Botsacos

The founder of Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™, Laura Lee Botsacos is bringing beauty to people of all genders, races, and sexual orientations.

Peak Woman: Ann Marie McQueen

Read on to learn about the books and ideas that inspire this journalist and why she thinks 50 is the best age yet.

Peak Woman: Amy Henderson

The founding CEO of TendLab and the co-leader of the Fam Tech Founders Collaborative, Amy Henderson has made a name for herself collaborating with companies to optimize the workplace for parents.

Peak Woman: Debbie Dickinson

An experienced benefits attorney, lecturer, and entrepreneur. Debbie Dickinson has put her Harvard Law and Wharton Business School degrees to use by developing a solution for one of menopause’s most challenging side effects.

Peak Woman: Clare Bertucio

A radiation oncologist with a medical degree from the prestigious Mayo Clinic’s medical school, Dr. Clare Bertucio has been a practicing physician for nearly 30 years, most recently serving on the nine-physician Alaska COVID-19 task force.

Peak Woman: Alexandra Jamieson

As the award-winning and best-selling author of five books, and co-creator and co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, Alexandra Jamieson is a highly-sought-after success mentor and motivational guide. Alex has made it her mission to empower people to create epic lives–by honoring their desires and kicking shame and fear to the curb. Her latest book Radical Alignment, co-authored with her husband Bob Gower, was published on August 11, 2020.

Peak Woman: Randi Packard

A New York City-based fashion publicist and brand consultant, Randi Packard is the former Fashion Market Director at Real Simple and has worked as a creative and public relations expert for clients such as Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™, ITALEAU Footwear, Echo Design, Rachel Hosiery, and Maidenform. Read on for more on choosing a positive approach to life, being “medium maintenance,” and the beauty product she won’t leave home without.

Peak Woman: Mother of Dragons and Serena Williams (What a Combo!)

Peak Woman is your weekly blend of current events, health, wellness and pop culture news.

Peak Woman: FemTech Funder, Brain Fog Research and More FYIs

Peak Woman is your weekly blend of current events, health, wellness and pop culture.

Peak Woman: Women Who Crushed It This Week

Peak Woman is your weekly blend of current events, health, wellness and pop culture news.