Careers at Evernow

We’re getting to the heart of menopause to really make a difference in womens’ health.

Dr. Alicia Jackson, CEO

Our company

We started Evernow to improve health and wellness for women in their late 30’s through 50’s, perimenopause through menopause. We know from research that many women experience symptoms tied to their changing hormones, and that these often go untreated—even when women seek help from their doctors.

Shocked? We were too. That’s why we’re reinventing healthcare delivery. As a science-first telehealth company, we are empowering our members to take control of their health and well-being with evidence-based treatments. We work together with members to help them feel like themselves again, enabling them to live better, healthier, longer lives by evolving the delivery of menopause care.

That’s where you come in. We are looking for talented, curious, dedicated team members to grow and innovate with us as we build our business, our products, and our culture.

Our beliefs

  • Members come first. Our customers are our business and we are constantly evolving to meet their needs.
  • Excellence is non-negotiable. Our team is made of trusted experts in medicine and technology who are committed to being the best partners for women at every stage of their menopause journeys.
  • Trust is foundational to our relationships with each other and with our members. We are intellectually honest. Science and data drive our recommendations and product development.
  • We care about individual experiences. We equip our members with the tools and information they need to live better lives, and we connect with them personally to support them through their menopause journeys.
  • Kindness is key. We treat each other with respect, always.

When you have strong internal trust, you have the ability to move fast and resolve issues quickly.

Aaron Gotwalt, CTO

Our culture

We’re a start-up, so we’re looking for team players who thrive on doing excellent work. We’re driven by our commitment to make our members’ lives better through evolving the science and technology of menopause treatment.

As we grow, each new hire has a huge opportunity to contribute to the kind of company we become. It also means there are occasional twists and turns, so bring your sense of purpose, be ready to dive in, and plan to flex.

As a group, we value curiosity and open-mindedness, direct communication and feedback. We center on kindness and humility so that we can grow from our mistakes and disagreements.

We welcome and encourage candidates who are passionate about our mission and excited to contribute to our growth. We value diversity of thought and experience, and especially welcome applicants from historically excluded and underrepresented groups.

I have an interest in new ways to deliver health care, and about how technology and the internet can improve and complement standard health care models.

Dr. Emily Hu, CMO

Our benefits

We’re enthusiastically remote, with occasional opportunities to travel. To support remote work, we offer a work-from-home stipend and a wellness stipend.

We proudly offer benefits to support all facets of your life. These include health, dental, and vision insurance. We also offer support for finding child and adult care, as well as pet-sitting coverage for when you travel for work.

Time away from work is also important, so we offer flexible time off and we close the “office” for breaks two weeks out of the year.