The founder and co-creator of Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™, Laura Lee Botsacos is a beauty industry veteran with a multifaceted business background. When she noticed a lack of all-inclusive skincare products, she set out to pioneer a unique beauty brand geared toward people of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. We spoke with her about what’s on her playlist, what she’s proudest of now, and the one product she won’t leave home without.

What’s one thing you try to remember each day?

To express gratitude. Every morning I light a candle from my brand, and verbalize out loud what I am grateful for. Saying it instead of writing it down is more impactful for me. I feel as though my words are truly going out into the universe. I also like the ritual of ending every gratitude session with the words, “I trust the process.”

What’s a product or life hack that’s saving your sanity?

My treadmill! I need to sweat and move my body daily. Exercise is 360 degrees of self care. Besides the physical benefits, the endorphins and all that good stuff, the mental well-being a good sweat session provides me is priceless. Trust me, my world is a lot saner and I imagine my friends and coworkers would agree theirs is too, when I get my exercise in.

What’s on your playlist?

I love inspirational music! My most recent obsession is Bebe Winans and his album Need You. I play that all the time, but when I do want to change it up I will listen to Kirk Franklin, Laura Daigle, and of course, Beyonce. Doesn’t everyone need a little Beyonce in their life?

What’s on your nightstand?

A Dream of Kings, the book I am currently reading, a mouthguard, and my Linhart lip balm. Sexy, right?

What’s in your bathroom cabinet?

My new skincare line recently launched so every time I open the cabinet and see my products lined up, I’m filled with such pride. They’re tangible proof of the many years of hard work I put into developing the brand.

If you could name one book, show, or podcast that’s speaking to where you’re at, what would it be?

Great Goddesses-Life Lessons from Myths and Monsters by Nikita Gill. As you can probably guess from my company’s website, I have a thing for mythology. Must be my Greek background! This book is beautifully written. It’s also been a wonderful inspiration in picking out names for the new products we are developing.

How do you feel about your career?

I feel pretty good. I am engineering my future and it kinda rocks! I have been working on Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™ for over three years while still maintaining my "day job." It has been overwhelming, exhausting, and terrifying, yet at the end of the day I feel proud and dare I say, brave? And now that my brand is fully launched it's a crazy feeling to watch the brand take on a life of its own. I still cannot believe that I’m a founder of a skincare line. It's nuts. Having an actual physical manifestation of what started out as an idea is so humbling and beautiful.

Is there a beauty product you always keep on hand?

Of course I do! My absolute favorite product from my line is called VISAGE and I have one in my purse, car and on my desk. It’s a facial mist jam packed with peptides that helps to firm your skin. It is incredible for a midday mist of hydration, a refresher, or a little pick me up.