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    As a new patient, how does Evernow work?

    Your custom treatment plan with Evernow starts with a short and secure intake questionnaire followed by an online consult with an Evernow medical provider to determine if you’re a good candidate for menopause treatment.

    If your provider determines that Evernow is right for you, she will prescribe an FDA-approved treatment and will send you a message on our HIPAA-compliant (secure and encrypted for your privacy) platform when your prescription is ready. You can review and approve your treatment or ask your provider any follow-up questions.

    Once you approve your treatment, it will be shipped directly to your door. You should receive an email as soon as your treatment is on the way.

    When you begin treatment, your Evernow provider will follow-up to make sure it is working for you and make adjustments, if necessary.

    As an Evernow member, your provider will be available to answer questions over our secure message platform or make adjustments as your needs change and your prescriptions will be delivered conveniently to your door each month.